About us – we can help

Killamarsh Tai Chi is available to everyone, all our members are equal

Our aim is to help all members achieve a better understanding of how to improve their health, fitness and well-being, while reducing anxiety too.

The class starts with Qi Gong in order to gather ‘celestial energy’, followed by a safe warm up which has been modified so as not to put anyone at risk. It also includes Pain Management stretches which are structured to improve the health of those who are not fully fit, by strengthening the specific areas of the body that can cause ‘referred pain’ . However these exercises are still beneficial to all levels of fitness and ability as they will help prevent the onset of pain.

After the Qi Gung ‘warm up’, which lasts around 35 minutes, we concentrate on Tai Chi movements to gather energy. Although we are light hearted and jovial, we are also very strict that these are done precisely otherwise the benefits or ‘Chi’ will not be fully achieved.

There is a 10 minute break halfway through the class which is followed by Tao Yin (Respiration Therapy) and K’ai Men (Chinese Yoga) to increase the energy levels again.

During the session we include various forms such as: –

  • Square Yard Form
  • Short Form
  • Poor Peasant Form
  • Yin Stick Form
  • Yang Stick (Staff) Form
  • Sword Form
  • Dance Form
  • Silk Form
  • Shou Pei Fa
  • Active Mist
  • Dao Yin
  • Du Shou

So you will see, there is plenty to go at!

No one at Killamarsh Tai Chi is better than anyone else, some have been doing it longer that’s all. Everyone is equal, there are no cliques. However, it is not a ‘quick fix’.

We have special starter/beginner classes for new members so that you can start in a group and not feel alone. These classes are at a much slower pace as we explain what and why we are doing each specific exercise. By understanding what each exercise does it helps to do it correctly and you will get the benefits of Tai Chi much quicker.

There are no paid instructors at Killamarsh Tai Chi, the reward comes from seeing the improved happiness and well-being of our members. The small fee goes to pay the hall fees and equipment.

Please do not be afraid to come on your own as long lasting friendships have been made at Killamarsh Tai Chi. So, don’t wait and try to persuade a friend to come with you, as you will be greeted and made to feel welcome. Just contact us beforehand so we can put you on our list for the next starter class.