Hi Alan
I was advised by my sister (nurse) to buy a pulse oximeter to home monitor levels of blood oxygen as COVID-19 negatively affects this. I’m told it should be about 95 and mine was. As a matter of interest I did the back breathing we practise at Tai Chi and it went up to 98. Proof the back breathing works on blood oxygen levels.
Kind Regards
Christine — Dr C M Ferris PhD: PgDip ARQE :BEd (Hons) :Dip Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy: Cert Stress Management =

Evening Alan, Thoroughly enjoyed today. My knee has never felt so good in a long time. I know it’s going to take time to learn but I am looking forward to the journey. ——— Mark. P.S Everyone was lovely today including Molly.

Hi Alan Having suffered with chronic back pain for 23 years, I always feel better after I’ve been to a class. On the days where I don’t feel up to attending I am always glad that I did as these are the days I get most out of it. Not only a reduction in pain but a better feeling within myself.

Hi Alan, 

I’d like to thank you for your patience and the support you’ve given me since I joined the group. As everyone knows joining an established group is always a daunting prospect and I really appreciated the warm welcome and continued support of the members.
In just a few weeks Tai Chai has exceeded my expectations. My balance has improved. I hope this continues to improve and I will eventually lose the ‘wobble’, but if not, I’m happy as previously I could not stand on one leg and had to dress sitting down. An unexpected bonus is that I have noticed that my energy level is raised and this continues into Thursday.
I am enjoying the sessions and I am finding learning the forms challenging as it does not come easy to me, but I am determined and hope in the near future to competently complete up to 25 independently at home.


 I joined the Killamarsh Tai Chi Group 10 months ago and was made to feel welcome right from day one. The mixture of Tai Chi and Qi Gong is exercise for body and mind – building stamina, strength and concentration. The classes are that brilliant mix of fun and serious that makes learning so rewarding – and believe me – there’s plenty to learn! Lovely people, excellent leader in Alan, and a fitness regime I can practise for many years to come.

Andy Leigh, Killamarsh.

 I starting coming to the club at a very low point, just having had an operation for lung cancer, having lost a good part off my right lung my breathing was so bad it was taking me 20 minutes just to have a shower.
My breathing is now nearly back to normal I do believe largely due to the breathing exercises you have given me, plus all the lovely people I have met, thanks everyone.


The benefits of Tai Chi are that it helps you stay positive and gives you gentle exercise to reduce aches. Also, meeting nice people encourages returning to the class. I personally have stronger wrists and the tension in my neck has reduced too. Thank you to you all. 

I’ve had many years of upper back and neck pain caused by working long hours on a computer, and earlier this year it reached a point where the pain was unbearable and I had to stop. It was also affecting my balance and triggering migraines. I was feeling very depressed with it all. The people at Killamarsh Tai Chi have been very friendly and helpful and it cheers me up every week.  Since starting the class I feel my pain levels are more manageable, my back is more flexible and my balance is gradually improving.  I wish I’d known about this group a long time ago. 


Hi Alan, I have benefited a great deal from Tai Chi.  I suffer from C.O.P.D. and the breathing exercises have been amazing for me, I tell my consultant at the Northern General and they always say carry on with Tai Chi it’s doing you good. I really appreciate what you do. 

Thank – you, Christine

Hi Alan,
Glad to hear that people are enjoying the Monday class. I think it’s great you’re trying to help people as I feel that Tai Chi has done a great deal to help me. There are a lot of desperate people out there. I’ve met a lot of them at pain management meetings!  My back pain was giving me dizziness and wobbly spells before I started coming to your class, but I haven’t had that for at least a couple of months. Pain is reduced as well.


Hi Alan,

I am loving Tai Chi, however I can’t remember it very well. The day after was the first in months that my arthritic hip wasn’t painful!


 Hi Alan
Thank you for including those back exercises after the break today.
I’ve been struggling with severe back and hip pain during the past week so I found it particularly helpful despite my painkillers wearing off.
However I’m glad I made the effort to come.


Hi Alan.

I am really pleased that the Monday class will be a regular thing as I have found my back pain has been much better since I started and did wonders when I had sciatica in my leg. Thanks, Vicky

Hi Alan. 
 Since I started Tai Chi I’ve had no pain at all in my right knee.  It still makes strange noises but doesn’t hurt.  

Well, I got up yesterday, and was in agony with my hip. After Qi Gong and Tai Chi yesteday its hardly there this morning. I must remember these exercises, and do them at home. I am a convert!!!


Hi Alan
Thanks for today’s class I have had problems with my back since I was 13 and I am finding that the classes are really helping. 

 Hi everyone.  Just to say I have been going to Tai Chi for 4 weeks now. I had little balance if I had to stand on one foot to do anything and now after 4 weeks I can safely balance which I find very helpful in my everyday chores. Now I can do that other things will hopefully fall into place. Thank you Alan.  

Regards Yvonne Deane, Monday Class  

Good afternoon Alan, 
After 15 months after  joining the Tai Chi group on Wednesdays I have so many positive things to report to help newcomers. 
I am a regular rambler walking at least 30 miles a week on average. That is in addition to normal daily activities.
My joints and balance were not that good with problems with my right knee for 15 years. 
After starting the class within weeks I started to notice a difference.
I can feel strength in my legs and am able to go low to the ground with good balance, such a difference.
It has taken all this time to get the form to 20 and to do it correctly as Alan wants with correct stances.
I was for a while despondent at my slow progress but now realise to get it right it takes time and everyone is different.
I hope my next testimonial will again show continued improvement and who knows where I will be on the form.
Mentally Tai Chi  is so therapeutic and the power of Chi is certainly with me.
I look forward to many happy years sharing the class with like minded people.
Thank you Alan for your devotion and time
Elayne Smith

Hello Alan
I wasn’t sure whether to go to Tai Chi today as my knees have been so painful recently and were especially bad this morning.  I’m glad I made the effort as I felt an improvement during the session and by the end there was much less pain.  I think the gradual build up from Qigong, through the warm-up to the Tai Chi moves is of enormous benefit. 
Thank you for all your efforts.

Hi Alan
I’d like to say how much I enjoyed your class and was surprised just how much energy I had the rest of the day, I tire very quickly due to my heart condition but not Monday after class.
I look forward to the next class and would like to know if there are exercises I can do safely at home too.
Many thanks

I have now been part of the Tai Chi class for a year with Alan. Previously started with lishi which has similarities for 6 months in Tenerife.
The benefits are numerous and not just physical but mental as well. I have gained
– a calmer mind
– improved breathing
– a more relaxed attitude
– knowledge on the stances which are the focal point of the classes
– improved awareness when walking and stepping out
I also feel confident to share some of the knowledge with others as well as meeting some really nice people at the class.

Thank you Alan for your knowledge, patience and dedication .

Hi Alan,

Thank you for what you have done, I feel a lot better having done Tai Chi with you for a year.


Hi Alan 
After group on Friday, Saturday was my best day in a long time. Knee a great improvement and also additional input for back has improved my neck discomfort.


I seem to have more energy and feel good after, also little niggles are better. 


I find that Tai Chi has generally improved my energy levels.I think on the whole it is helping improve my depressive moods.


The benefits I have received with Tai chi are amazing. I have been doing it for about six years now and I feel so relaxed after a class. Also my breathing has improved tremendously as I have C.O.P.D. This is a great benefit to me. 
Christine M

Message: Good morn Alan. Mandy and I will be joining the group today. We had a lovely time on Monday and was made to feel very welcome.

Regards Adele

I found everyone at the Tai Chi class to be friendly and helpful. Alan, the teacher is health focused, friendly and keen to support every member whatever they’re there for and at their own pace. I love the professional care shown in the class.


Hello Alan,
Hope I’ve not messed up your system by sending you this like last time – but wanted to say  thank you from us both for the invigorating sessions we’ve had recently – certainly helps clear the mind and keep positive during these trying times.
Hope to see you Wednesday but we’re waiting for a possible call up for baby sitting but please keep us in the loop anyway.
Kind Regards & Namaste !
R & R

Hi Alan, It was lovely to be out in the sun doing Tai chi again, after missing a couple of sessions.  I think it did my back some good, although I daren’t do too much just yet.Thank you for the advice about the psoas muscle. I’ve looked up some information about it and found some exercises I can do that might help. Hope to be there Friday, Namaste, 🙏 Ann

A huge thank you.
During a briefing this morning I had a glance at these hand drawn stances. I really appreciate the trouble you have gone to and I can see that you are showing me where my weight should be. It is important to me to do it correctly as I have poor balance and posture due to double scoliosis.
The initial exercises we do I find amazing and very beneficial. I think Tia Chi is making me stronger. Thank you!
So I repeat, many thanks again for taking the time to do those stances for me. it is really appreciated.
Kind regards Cathy