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Hi, I always like to meet new members 15 minutes prior to the start of the class. This is because Tai Chi is not to be done quickly or with brute force. The more gentle and slower you are the more ‘energy’ or ‘Chi’ you will have, so I need to demonstrate this in order for you to try and understand what is happening.

This is a superb video of a knee exercise by a physiotherapist that is actually full of ‘Chi’ and it explains ‘alignment’ too. It is so good that we have incorporated it into our warm up along with the Qi Gong. It also reduces back pain. However, be sure you have someone to check that you are doing it correctly should you try it at home. Note that the practitioner says ‘Square up your feet’. This is most important in Tai Chi and is something that some instructors fail to fully appreciate.

Some of the movements from one stance to another that we do in Tai Chi are recommended by physiotherapists for strengthening knees and ankles.

I look forward to meeting you.