Our Members

We make you welcome at Killamarsh Tai Chi outdoor classes.

Please don’t be apprehensive if you are thinking of coming just by yourself, we always give new members more attention and encouragement. That is not just because we are all nice people, it’s because the real benefits of Tai Chi do not come instantly. However within 30 minutes we can show you that you have gained more energy simply by having the correct posture. 

Our members range in age from just 48 to 84 and we have timed the class to allow younger members with families to attend without compromising their collection of children from school.

As there are differing levels of ability we have several groups within the class, from beginners to intermediate levels.

Open Air classes with Molly the mascot

We hold open air classes conforming with current social distancing recommendations

All classes are outdoors at the moment because of Covid. There is a choice of Tarmac or grass, fortunately the grass is well drained and never gets boggy, even after lots of rain.

Doing the Silk Form

Killamarsh Tai chi open air class
Monday open air members doing the Silk Form

The Monday group starters. This Tai Chi group now has 34 members.

Killamarsh Tai Chi tee shirts are sponsored by N E Derbyshire County Council
A beginners class with their new Tee Shirts.

Tee shirts are sponsored by Derbyshire County Council Community Leadership Scheme.

Monday Class, Christmas Lunch.

Killamarsh Tai Chi Monday class Christmas lunch 2019
Killamarsh Tai Chi, Monday class are all smiles after a good annual Christmas Dinner

Wednesday Class, Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunch at Killamarsh Tai Chi
Another happy class after Christmas Lunch

Friday Class Christmas Lunch.

Killamarsh Tai Chi group Christmas Lunch
All smiles after a nice lunch

You may see that some people come to more than just one class.

Killamarsh Tai Chi Remember

We lay a wreath on Remembrance Day.

I may be smiling here, but I shed a tear, or two.

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