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The Derbyshire Community Health Services (NHS) feedback states: –

“Very good class. Very warm and welcoming. The moves were broken down and explained and demonstrated very well. Good level and pace. Would recommend group as suitable for all abilities” 

BBC – ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’

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Some of the benefits our members have reported: –

  • Less headaches
  • Stronger knees and ankles
  • Don’t go to the doctors as much
  • Don’t take as many tablets
  • Stopped taking tablets
  • Better balance – more confidence and less fear of falling
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Have more flexibility
  • Breathing has been easier
  • Increased self esteem
  • I look forward to it, it puts a smile on my face
  • I always feel better after

An Extract from Nursing Times ref. Healthy ageing: –

Finally, moderate exercise has been widely reported to help restore immunity (Simpson et al, 2012). Ranadive et al (2014) found that moderate aerobic exercise immediately before receiving the flu vaccine increased its efficacy in older women, and Irwin et al (2007) suggested that implementation of the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi alone induced a marked increase in virus-specific immune response.