Leg Pain

A member asked me today about leg pain. When in bed the outside of the top of the leg hurts. I sometimes get this, but mine is more of a tingle. I’ve simplified this, as I’ve looked on Youtube and the internet and it gets very technical. The pain is usually to halfway down theContinue reading “Leg Pain”

The Form

Here is a video for you showing up to move 12. Be careful though, the tutor does quite a wide Dragon stance. In Dragon stance, done correctly, you should be able to see your knee in line with your toes, while upright. That is, without leaning. If you have to lean to line them up,Continue reading “The Form”


Hello, I sent this out in December, but some have started since then, It’s well explained, but remember she is facing you, so you have to go the other way. Cheers, Alan If a red button does not appear, just click on the picture for it to start.