Cold Class

It was very cold today. Good news is that some bigger heaters are on order. Turns out there is no heating in other areas too. That’s why we only had 2 today. The bowls club have some of the big hall Fridays which is where some heaters would have been Cheers Alan

Good Friday

Despite 3 apologies for absence we had 11 today. It was good to see the return of Valerie, Susan and Sheila. There were 2 beginners. Shortly beforehand the 2 beginners from last week sent me a message that they would not be joining, which was not a surprise. 15 would be about a comfortable capacityContinue reading “Good Friday”

Laying the Wreath

Will anyone be accompanying me this coming Sunday? 2.45 St. Giles church hall, at the east end of Shepcote lane. Walk down the hill to the war memorial for a service at 2.30 and laying of wreaths. Walk in the parade along Kirkcroft Lane to the Church. Cheers, Alan.

Friday Class

I will be coming but may be a bit late. The CDs are in the bag and the speakers in Natalie’s office. Wires go Black to Black and Red to Red for each speaker. Sounds obvious but once I turned up late and all 4 wires were pushed in one hole 😩 Cheers Alan