New Member

A big welcome to Mavis who has joined us. Also this Wednesday we have a beginner called Bob. He cannot make Fridays but you can make him welcome 🙂 Cheers Alan

No Class Today

Hello, I’ve had several messages to day that members are snowed in so I have cancelled the class. I know you will all spring to attention at 1pm and do some practice. Last Wednesday, the fastest anyone moved was at the break for a sit down. 😊 Then inertia set in. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏 Cheers Alan


Hello, we have a honourable name up for grabs. Following me watching recently I’ve realised that some of the stances are being compromised. So the winner, (or loser? LOL) is likely to be bestowed with this name. Just because you may already have a Chi name it doesn’t exclude you. 🙂 Cheers, Alan P.S. NewContinue reading “Chi-Ting”

I am re-sending the Link

I tried clicking the picture and got a page to subscribe for £12 per month to have these clips sent. You may have to copy and paste. Something has altered. I think Howard has got our interest and now he wants to capitalise on it. Crafty. Best Wishes, Alan. PS. When you have reachedContinue reading “I am re-sending the Link”

Leg Pain

A member asked me today about leg pain. When in bed the outside of the top of the leg hurts. I sometimes get this, but mine is more of a tingle. I’ve simplified this, as I’ve looked on Youtube and the internet and it gets very technical. The pain is usually to halfway down theContinue reading “Leg Pain”