Qi Gong

Qi Gong + Warm Up Rock back and forth to find the central position Up and downOpen curtains and look over the harbourSway like the Seaweed in the harbourSmooth water (Gathering Chi)Butterfly held loosely and run along the seashorePearls – massage the sunshine into the back.Mirror – Breath in to open lungsWalk through the orchardContinue reading “Qi Gong”


Hi AlanThe Chinese know a thing or two. I guess there’s a good reason they practise Tai Chi outdoors. I was very happy with our indoors Tai Chi, but once you’re used to it, there really is no comparison to the joy of outdoor Tai Chi – and that includes winter time, 100%. I’d encourageContinue reading “Outdoors”

Happy Days

Hi Alan,Meant to do this earlier but thanks for the session today to you and the team – we’ve really missed it and it was great to see everyone again. Lovely to be out in the great outdoors too. Hope you’re better in yourself also.RegardsR & R Thanks Richard, yes, it was great again outside onContinue reading “Happy Days”

No Class today

Sorry for the late notice, but I feel ill and several members cannot make it anyway. The weather is poor so after a few phone calls it was decided to cancel today’s class. Best Wishes, Alan

Qi Gong DVD

I must have given out 25 of these and now I find that I do not have one myself. None were returned with T and Sweatshirts. So if you have one, could you please return it to me or make a copy for yourself then let me have the original. Cheers, Alan