No class today

Hello. It is raining and according to my array of weather apps it is likely that it will continue. Also my back could do with a rest. So I’ll see you Monday. Cheers Alan

Weather today

Hello, the forecast looks grim. According to the predictive radar it will be raining. However this has happened before and it turned out to be sunny Therefore we will make a decision at 12.00 So either look at your emails or ring me 07763 553306 Best Wishes, Mr Merryweather


Hi Alan,Really enjoyed the session even more than usual and feel all the better for it thanks. Great taking part in the open air as well. Till next time – Cheers !Kind Regards,Richard I enjoyed today’s class Alan, thanks. It was very relaxed + it’s much easier to concentrate without that Susan distracting everybody 😉 🙏——————-Susan