Friday Class?

I don’t know if I have made it clear, but we don’t have to stick with our ‘normal’ day. Only ‘Friday’ people were there yesterday, in perfect conditions. It’s an open class in more ways than one. However, under the current circumstances, I can understand that everyone is extremely busy, but I get up 90 minutes earlier so that I can fit it in. 🙂

Hi Alan, Thanks for another enjoyable session. The weather was perfect and it was great to catch up with stick, form, dance and sword. The local boys seemed totally amazed at your sword demo, especially the sword swallowing act! 🤣🤣 Namaste, Ann

Hi Alan,
Although a smaller group today it was super. The weather was perfect for Tai chi I love it outdoors, I feel it’s so much better and far less risky re the virus.
I didn’t like the stick at first, but with your tuition I am slowly getting to love it when the movements flow.
It is going to be a long time before things are anywhere normal so if you love Tai chi like me do join us it’s so good for the spirit and remember your health physically and mentally is so much better.
My balance and my right knee are so improved with the exercise I would hate to lose the benefits built up over the last 3 years.
Hope to see more people on Monday, thank you Alan xx Namaste, Elayne

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