Hi Alan,
Well we go from one extreme to another with our weather but it was still wonderful doing our session outside, almost viral free, as experts say, outdoors with social distance is very safe.
I did the deed yesterday and cut back the brambles impinging on our path to the side of the leisure centre. The area gives us shade from the sun which we needed yesterday.Ā 
I did the form with Alan and Nina getting a long way but far from good. I did get way past 50 before stopping to watch the magic from them. My stick is slowly improving I have started to enjoy it šŸ˜Š
Hope to see people Monday it’s so special sharing Tai chi with lovely people. I miss you who can’t or won’t come along. Namaste Elayne

Yes Elayne, it was a bit special yesterday. I had my eyes closed and imagined that I was in Barbados, well beck from the sea but looking over the sands towards it with palm trees either side. The cooling wind was like a sea breeze. We just need a second source of sound to play a CD with waves lapping in.

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