Mondays Class

I could write a song ” Why does it never rain on me – at Killamarsh outdoor Tai Chi – rain clouds all around – but we always have sunny ground”.

Ann wrote “Hi Alan, Thanks for another enjoyable class. It was ideal out on the field today, just the right temperature. Even a few drops of rain weren’t a problem as it was still warm enough to carry on.  We’ve been very lucky this summer not to have a single session where the weather turned bad enough to make us give up and go home.  I always feel safe there as there is plenty of room to keep a good distance from everyone and nobody comes near us.  I find it very peaceful and relaxing doing Tai Chi out in the fresh air and it’s lovely to see all the regulars and have a chat.  It never fails to cheer me up. I think I’d be very unfit by now if it wasn’t for your classes keeping me active. ☺ Namaste, Ann”.

I think that sums it up, why not make the psychological break and come down? There is shade, option of 2 sides of the leisure centre for shelter from the wind, enough space to be 20 metres from the nearest person, no-one looking. There is a situation where people are getting used to staying in and finding it difficult to get out, I know 2 people who admit to this. It cannot be good for the soul, can it?

Also I would like to thank the ‘Outdoor Gang’ for the birthday present (and lovely birthday cards). As a true gentleman, I will not be sharing it as I will have it all myself 🙂

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