Are we lucky or what?

I’ve just seen this – Ulley Reservoir. This morning, once again the reservoir is an absolute disgrace, litter, cans, bottles left everywhere. Gates broken, litter bins filled to overflowing, what’s the point in waste bins when they never seem to be emptied. Thankfully the half sunken boat from yesterday has been removed. Nobody’s bothered, nobody cares anymore. —————————Wow we have a lovely spot in sun or shade whichever you choose and no one to bother us.

Don’t forget to bring your stick or similar today, also please lets wear our Tee Shirts, which you was loaned for free – how many other Tai Chi classes does that? – and give FREE outdoor lessons? So lets have smart looking group and not look like raggy ass rovers.

We can argue that we are halfway through August, and although September is one of my favourite months, its followed by October! Therefore trying to plan ahead, 3 things are certain, the weather will decline and no way can we go inside with masks. Well I’m not as I am vulnerable, so even if the leisure centre opens I will not be in it. It was suggested to use a multistory car park or an open barn. Lets see what we can come up with?

Some of you may be thinking that’s only 2 things for certain that I’ve mentioned – er, correct! The 3rd one is that if anyone wants to do anything, they will find a way, while those who don’t will find an excuse! One of Diane’s sayings.

See you later, Namaste, Alan

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