New Member

Hi, as mentioned, we have a new lady who came Friday and did very well for a first time. She has joined us, which is excellent as 2 ‘former’ members returned their Tee shirts this week. Only 50% of members have ‘joined us’ with my new way of communication so I think the classes will need to build up again. It was suggested that I move the 3 days back into one, however as I am getting better and can manage 3 days I intend to keep them. While I have been optimizing the new website I’ve been doing all kinds of searches and came up with a lady who has 3 classes in N.E. Derbyshire. She charges £5 for 75 minutes. So even if the attendance of our classes drop to only 4 people, then it will only cost the same for 120 minutes. Mind you, the Wednesday class has a committee so I can’t speak for these members. So I am saying to everyone, don’t let apathy rule. The lockdown will change peoples lives as I know that some people have got used to being on their armchairs and are not wanting to go outside their ever decreasing comfort zone. Stay Safe, Namaste, Alan.

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