Nice days

Hi Alan ,  
I intended sending this when I got back from our lovely session today but got involved in other things.
Just ready for bed but couldn’t before thanking you again Alan for a theraputic class. Even though it was windy we were sheltered in our safe spot, plenty room to be distant even when handing out the chocs.
It was so nice to see a couple from the old classes, not sure what has happened to others but it is wonderful outdoor Tai chi. The clouds were soaring past today as we lifted our heads to the sky , I love the feeling of peace and freedom being outside .
It’s a big enough area to share so where are you all. See you Monday if the weather continues to be kind as it has been most of the time.

Thanks, Elayne, yes, we are nearing the end of Summer. Now in what used to be my favourite week as I used to have the last week of the school holidays as a ‘week off’ and go fishing with my 2 sons. The weather was always that bit cooler than the hot days of mid summer, but it doesn’t last. Nor will our outdoor classes, so we ought to make the most of the good weather. Namaste, Alan

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