Mr Merryweather says that from hereon in we need to be away of the weather and be flexible. Therefore if it looks like rain in an afternoon, we should have a class 11Am until 12.30-ish. Likewise we can start at 2.00pm if the morning rain is clearing. So look at your emails if the weather looks dodgy.

Elayne wrote: – Hi Alan,
A good turn out today to participate in our Tai chi, weather was perfect.
How nice to see friends back again, thanks Alan you are so good giving your time, it’s a gift, it makes me feel so much better being able to participate, let’s not underestimate the power of chi.
I Know I don’t get it right ,especially today but I still love it.
The blackberries were a added bonus.
See you very soon.
Xxxx Elayne

Wednesday is the funeral of our dear friend Keith at 3.00pm so I suggest that at the close of the class we say a prayer and have a minute silence for him and his family. Namaste, Alan

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