Saturday Morning

I decide to dig out my 50 + year old fly fishing kit and have a go on my local river now that my back is improving.   For those who know it, I got in under the road bridge between the railway bridges and waded down.   Lovely and pleasant the bank side gets deeper as it also a flood channel.   I decided to wade a bit further in the deeper water in a big eddy and wuoosh, I didn’t touch the bottom, I was under.   Never in my wildest dreams did I realise it was so deep, it went straight down.   My feet were off the bottom and I caught my rod before it went down and also my landing net.   The banks were sheer, washed away, sandy stuff so I had to swim to the next bit of vegetation bank while not losing my rod and reel.   One of my waders came off and the contents of my bag were floating away, but it wasn’t as warm as Eckington baths so I thought I had better get out ASAP and forget the tackle.   As I got to a bit that jutted out, that too was sheer, so there must be a big hole that flood water swirls around and creates   After regaining my breath the next thing was how to get out.   I got halfway up the sheer bank and slid back in.   Next time there was more determination and I made it.   So please do not try and ring my mobile or text me as the fish will not answer it.   Obviously my email works but to phone me ring 0114 2483119.   I was going to go fishing tonight, but I thought bugger it.   Namaste   Alan

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