Wednesday Class

Today I have done something against all my principles, I have just said “Class is full today but I will put you down for Wednesday” to Richard and Rosemary’s asking if it was OK to come today and Wednesday?

We will have over 6 on Wednesday so we will need to split into 2 distinctive groups. Not a split down the centre and then those on the ‘right wing’ move in to the centre because of the wind, as happened last time.

Therefore I need to organise 2 groups. I will take a group on the end of the sports hall, ie. the easterly field. May I have a volunteer to take the second group under the more sheltered ‘corner’? These will be 2 groups acting independently and I will be out of sight of the ‘corner’ group who will be doing whatever the ‘leader’ wishes but within what we do at Killamarsh Tai Chi.

In this way I feel that I am being fair to everyone and not to just those regulars who come to all the classes in all weathers.

Namaste, Alan

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