Stick form

Some of us have been going to 70 in this form outdoors and I’ve been asked as to what comes next. I don’t know as I have never gone past 70 before. HG has a DVD going to 70 but Chee Soo never published anything. So I bought SD’s book to 150 moves and although it is very similar, nos 60 to 70 are not. AD posted a vid that he did in 1992 and it is as we do it (except that he is good LOL).

Therefore I am going to have a go at following him and I’ve tried to write down what he is doing on moves 71 and 72. Now here is you big chance, who also would like to do the same? Then when on the field we can compare until we get it right. I suggest that we try and do nos 71 -73 to start with. Come on who is in on this with me? Once we can agree on whats happening I’ll take some photos and we will then have a standard to follow. Namaste, Alan.

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