Comments on Friday’s class

Hi Alan,

Thanks for an enjoyable session out on the field, with some good progress in the stick form. I thought it would be raining all afternoon, but luckily we didn’t have a drop of rain, and no breeze.  Monday promises to be even better. I never thought we’d make it this far into winter, but hopefully we can carry on right until spring.


Ann 😊 🙏

Hi Alan,
May I say thank you once more, only the 4 of us but so enjoyable, there was very little wind so  it was warmer and calm.
I promise myself I will practice every day I know it makes sense. I know everyone is being careful, I just want to reassure people we are very safe and keeping the distance.
I have to say I love it outside even in the winter.
xxx Elayne 

Thanks for those comments, it’s good that there is some tarmac for us to use if it gets too muddy. Diane always said that if you want to do anything, you will find a way and if you don’t want to, you will find an excuse. Namaste, Alan

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