Message from Elayne

Hi Alan, We are blessed, it was a lovely class yesterday with blue sky and sunshine, I really enjoyed the instruction through the form to the end what patience you have Alan.
The stick takes some doing but I am getting to enjoy it more, as you say always believe you can do it.  It is such a great feeling looking towards a clear blue sky, I get a sense of peace and freedom. I am not sure I want to go back inside to do classes, perhaps I may change my tune if it freezes over and snows. Namaste, Elayne.

Considering the latest news, that basically things are getting worse, I cannot see us being allowed to go inside in the medium term anyway. Also, I too prefer being outside.

A second consideration, the virus doesn’t span a distance of 2 metres in air, so it is healthier to do it outside anyway to stop the spread of other virus’s. like the common cold. Which gets passed around inside the hall.

A third consideration is that T’ai Chi, particularly Qi Gong, is good for the health and spirit, therefore now is the very time, in my opinion, for it to do it’s most good and be of it’s highest benefit. However, as people ‘vote with their feet’, perhaps I’m wrong. Namaste, Alan

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