That’s the new word on the block! I’ve just been watching the news and some people will never get it. My son always says that you can’t educate pork, but seeing some, that is an insult to pigs.

Therefore lets look where we stand. While I was ‘live’ I asked who wanted a Face Book class each day except Sundays and I got an enthusiastic response from those who I expected to do so. I know yesterday was a bit different as I realised the number was so low due to many of you going out sledging. I hope that you kept a safe distance.

Since we did Facebook earlier in the year and I pulled out, it seems to have increased security and the only people that get notifications of the ‘live’ class are my ‘friends’ of which I have only have 2 outside our group. There seems to be a stigma attached to FB by some. But I see it like a chip shop, it’s there for me when and if I want it. By keeping my friend numbers low with like minded people it means that I do not have to walk around the streets with my head down looking at my phone all the time ignoring my screaming baby. This was a reason why a past member would not join the ‘live’ class.

So if you have not joined our indoor class, email me and I will add you to my list of friends.

So to save me posting every day, unless you hear differently we will have a class every day except Sunday at 1.40 pm log in for a 1.45 start. We finish at 3pm and we start with Qi Gung as usual followed by what ever is requested, by you.

Considering that Qi Gung develops one’s own healing energies, I cannot understand why more people don’t join in. Maybe some are going on to those sites that cost £10 per hour?

So I’m thinking of charging £8 per hour to be in competition.

Namaste, Alan

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