Confusion Rules

Hello, to avoid people who do not know what day it is looking at the wrong ‘live’ broadcast, I will remove the session from FB earlier than I have been doing.

Unless anyone wants me to leave it on and look at it later, I’ll delete it soon after we have finished.

Since FB has tightened up on security, I get a notification of number of ‘views’, but cannot find out who they are. There are always more ‘views’ than there are people watching live, so from now on, unless you tell me you have watched it later, I will take it that you have not viewed it. Anyone can view it but only those who I choose get a notification of going live.

Also only those who I choose get this notification from the website. Anyone who ‘joins us’ has to be approved by me. Therefore ‘spies’ from ‘other camps’ don’t know what we are doing or I am saying.

It’s rather very childish that we cannot call a spade a spade, although I’m not referring to anyone in our group being a spade!!!!! That would get me into trouble! Just that we have to alter someones name so that other people don’t know and banish her/him from their group.

The true spirit of Tai Chi – Eh!

With that in mind, no doubt the spies will be watching, hence I’m removing the sessions unless you tell me the time you are likely to watch it after.

All rather pathetic isn’t it

Namaste, Alan.

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