A good point

Andrew picked up on the last video when the guy said “Tai Chi does not heal you by turning Tai Chi into a range of motions that hurt you.”

If you remember the previous video and note how young the participants were, then realising that I was first taught 3 years before that, the following is most relevant.

Some groups are using the very same ‘warm up’ exercises that these instructors were using when they were in their mid 20’s.

How many times have I said that I see people coming away rubbing their backs?

If you have never suffered from muscular skeletal trauma or are not medically qualified then how can instructors tell anyone that certain exercises are doing good?

Going back to the video with Chee Soo, note that they were basically fighting and some were wearing yellow. That’s more aggressive. Some groups will change from blue to yellow during a session. So perhaps they wish to have a more aggressive warm up. We stay with blue except for a ‘toe in the water’ when we do Shou Pay Fah

Stay Safe, Alan

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