I can’t agree more

Hi Alan

I enjoyed Friday’s class and it was good to go back to basics.  Luckily the weather is warming up a bit and it was quite pleasant in our corner of the field.

Even though I’ve kept as active as I could in winter, going for walks, and doing your online classes, I feel I’ve lost some fitness. After two weeks back out on the field I’m beginning to feel the benefit of it and I’m starting to get some of my energy back. It’s great having all that space to move around freely with the stick and silk!  I’m looking forward to another summer of outdoor Tai Chi!

Ann 😎👍🌞

As I understand it, there are some members waiting to go back indoors. The leisure Centre is using the Mirror Hall as part of the gymnasium. Doing Tai Chi in the big sports hall is horrible. It’s shared with other groups and the floor is not wood, but a hard surface that makes ones legs tired. A few years ago we had to go in there while the floor in our hall was being repaired. So if it’s a choice of being in there or outside, I can tell you that it is much better outside.

I will make a point of going in the centre this week to see what there plans are.


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