The way forward

I called in the Leisure Centre today and should we wish, we can have our hall of Mirrors from Monday onward. I don’t know when the refurbishment starts but there will be a studio with mirrors in what I think may currently be the toilet area as I am told that it will be more square.

What do I do?

We had about 75 members spread over the 3 days prior to Covid, then when I had to change websites and was able to communicate directly to every one, only just over 40 ‘joined us’.

However, I have not heard from many of the members for over a year.

I run the Monday and Friday and make all the decisions, end of.

As for Wednesday, my role is ‘Leader’ and the committee makes the decisions.

So as thing are generally left up to me to sort out anyway, please could the committee let me know the way forward for the Wednesday class as I have not heard from some committee members for over a year. Does anyone wish to resign?

I’m not inclined to go indoors yet as we have the summer coming up and I would rather see what happens in 3 weeks time following the relaxations of the rules first.

Please let me know what you intend/would like to do? If you decide to stop altogether, let me know, I will not be upset.

I’m going to run a beginners class on the first Friday of each month, so far there are 8 for 4th June.

Cheers, Alan.

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