What a lovely class today

Everything was just right today and we made some good progress in a very relaxed atmosphere with ChiSue strutting her stuff again.

The centre is closed but there seems to be someone in attendance until 3pm. When I have called around lunchtime it’s been locked but I think it’s the staff popping out for a sandwich or something. Today I collected quite a few T and Sweat shirts from the reception returned by those who are no longer to attend. There are still some more to come.

The centre refurbishment hasn’t been started on, so I cannot see the Dance Studio being open until around Christmas at the earliest.

May I make a suggestion. I’m not on the committee for the Wednesday group. I don’t hear from committee members but I know that there is a bank account with a considerable amount of money just sat there, Has anyone thought about making a decision as to what to do with it? We are likely to have been closed for 2 years by the time we return inside.

Also I get the feeling that when the Dance Studio opens that it will be more expensive than previously. So the Monday and Friday members may be in for a shock at the class price increase. It could be as high as £4!!!!! Which is still only half the price of classes elsewhere that are only 60 or 90 minutes duration.

Cheer, Alan

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