Next Wednesday’s ‘Picnic’

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to who is bringing what.

My initial suggestion is that we bring our own food and our own drink for our own consumption. Which means that if anyone wants Fish and Chips from the Chippy all they have to do is ring the order 15 minutes beforehand.

I didn’t realise that it fell on my birthday, which means I will probably be having fish and chips with the McWeaver clan about 6pm anyway.

Also there is a bit of confusion, are we having tables or sitting on a rug?

I have some ‘bivvy’ tables, which are little things to put your little things on while you are in the bivvy during the night in the unlikely event that you have a ‘carp run’ . Then you don’t tread on your glasses in the excitement.

These are small, so I can put my smalls on one and if I bring another, then Diane can put her smalls on that one. I have about 4 bivvy tables so which will hold a drink and a plate, so I can loan 2 out.

What sort of plates are we having? is another question.

I think that bring your own once again so not to be disappointed as I would be, because I only drink tea from Spode.

I also have a rug. That’s me sorted.

May I suggest we bring what we want for ourselves,

Going back 15 years to when I was in my late 30’s and early 40’s I used to have a lot of rave barbies to which some dodo’s would bring a 4 pack of cheap frothy Dutch stuff then drink all the good stuff. They were good times until we were stopped by the police for disturbing the peace – true.

Shall we bring our own or what?

Please bear in mind that some who will be coming have not been to the latest classes and do not know what’s happening.

Cheers, Alan

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