Qi Gong

Qi Gong + Warm Up

Rock back and forth to find the central position

Up and down
Open curtains and look over the harbour
Sway like the Seaweed in the harbour
Smooth water (Gathering Chi)
Butterfly held loosely and run along the seashore
Pearls – massage the sunshine into the back.
Mirror – Breath in to open lungs
Walk through the orchard and pick an apple from the top of the tree
Snail looking for foodArcher
Looking down the Wishing Well
Cover put it over the well
Let go >>>>> ROC spreads it’s wings
Breath to the lower section to part the fingers in the back
Hug the bear
Neck exercises.
Shoulder exercises forward backwards and swimming
Swinging arms
Lion stance
Walking arms
Up and down past the tan tien
Surfboarder – Leopard to Leopard holding the ball around the tan tien
Buddha – Massage the tan tien

Drop weight from side to side rotate hands

Chipshop duck
Frankie the goat
hamstring on seat
Meerkat Fold down
Chocolate Meerkat
Knees up
Circle feet
Bears paw
Voodoo flick fingers
Zigzag feet
4 Directional

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