Caaaarn’t Speyk

We had 2 new ladies attend yesterday. One had been doing Tai Chi 20 years and the other 4 years, so they didn’t want an induction as they went to 130 (?) in the form and 185 in the dance, plus Silk and Sword.

They were putting their toes down and the Riding Horse looked like a ‘Bear pooping in the Woods’ with feet not even in a line. Fingers open.

Their feet were not parallel and in the Dragon – look-a-like , it was a leaning Snake.

I had to carefully explain the ‘Lion’, which they did all wrong and at which point, one of the ladies asked if that was why her leg hurt. She could not lay on that side in bed?

This bit that hurt was one of the bits that the Lion – done correctly – stretches!!!!!

It strikes me that this is a classic case of learning Tai Chi from someone who has learned Tai Chi from someone who has learned Tai Chi from someone who has had no muscular – skeleton education.

So it makes me wonder, does the tutor have 40 years experience, or 1 year experience 40 times?

Secondly how much money has he taken?

I may not be seamless, but I don’t subject anyone to any movements that I don’t ‘understand’.



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