Friday Class

It was a beginners class yesterday and what a cold day it was too. Good news, Derek and Pam have emailed me after the class and are to join our group. They did very well for first timers, and under the conditions, exceptionally well.

Also in Dim Sun Bun’s absence we welcomed her twin sister, Dim Sun Shush, spitting image of Vanessa, but polite and never whinged, moaned or complained all afternoon πŸ™‚

So for those of you who forgot to come yesterday, it’s back to normal for me.

Monday Freestyle 1.30 pm. Wednesday experienced members 1.15pm and Friday beginners/anyone.

Monday Freestyle class, we do Tai Chi according to who turns up, it’s a mix of new and long term members. However new people, it’s better come a couple of Friday’s to get ‘into the groove’ as it were.

Into the grove, eh! That show’s my age. I was never in the Jet Set, more like the Sopwith Camel Crowd πŸ™‚

Here we go – What’s a Sopwith Camel? – it’s an old Bi Plane. My dad told me about it!

Cheers, Alan

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