New Member

Hello, we welcome a new member, Extralargeleotard, yes that what I thought too.

I thought it was a scammer, so I removed them from our website. Turns out that it is Carol, who came yesterday.

Tee shirts, Sweatshirts and Silks.

Now that it is warm, we should not be wearing the Susan/Ernest Shackleton type of clothing.

So this is how it’s going to work.

After you have been 5 times and decided that our group is for you, you can join the group by hiring the 3 items for £20. The Sweatshirts cost me £10, Tee shirts £6 and Silks £4. That was 3 years ago so no doubt there will have been a price increase since.

You get free lessons for 105 minutes as opposed to £7 for 75 minutes, so going to another class would have cost £21 for the first 3 visits anyway.

The 3 items still belong to the ‘group’ and are to be returned if you decide cease attending.

The money goes into our account, I don’t take anything.

I think that is very fair.

Cheers, Alan

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