Pray for Carol

I received this : –

The scan from my hospital visit  showed at least one malignant tumour and they took 10 biopsies. I am waiting for those results and I have to go in for more scans to see how far this has spread.

Pray for me!


We will pray for you Carol, don’t worry about that. Thank you for letting me know this morning that you could not attend.

I contacted Nina first thing to make sure that she could take the class today and I also cancelled the beginners.

This what I have seems to be flu, no sleep, I ache from top to bottom, had difficulty walking to the PC to send this and feel dizzy if I lay down.

We have an unwritten rule in Tai Chi, which is that if you miss 3 consecutive weeks without letting me know why, you are deemed to be not bothered.

So this will be the last notification for some of you. I wish you well for the future.

Cheers, Alan.

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