Mr Driech, says No!

I’ve called off the class today after looking at 3 weather forecasts that show no rate of change ( I bet that you never knew calculus came into the equation?) . It’s dismal and dank.

Reports suggest that the Leisure Centre is soon to open. But I don’t know the cost.

However I need to know who wants to go back inside, who wants to stay outside and who will be flexible with both.

The last thing I want is to book the centre and only a few turn up, which will put the cost of the attendees up.

To be fair, the centre have been giving us preference and I book in advance to keep other groups off.

How much will you be willing to pay?

Should the Monday Wednesday and Friday groups merge? The committee for the Wednesday group has shrunk to 3 people, Janet, Sandra and I.

Please let me have your thoughts/ideas.



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