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First, let me thank those who took out one minute of their busy schedule to reply to my last email.

The Active (sports) Centre is now open.

From the response of my last email, this is what is happening to start with.

It is not set in stone.

Mondays – This is the day of the hard core, turn up most days in all weathers, we will be staying outside.

Wednesdays   – I have booked inside for next Wednesday – see how it goes.

Fridays – I have booked inside for next Friday – see how it goes.

Now I know that this will not suit everyone, but preference has been given to those who have stuck with me and those who have replied.

You have 3 days options, which is more than other groups.

You can’t please all the people all the time.


The new room is £22 per hour off peak or £44  —–NOT

We will still pay the same as last time.

I have nowt to do with the Wednesday finance, but Fridays we will start at £3 and reduce the price as numbers grow.

There are some of you who did not reply to my last email. If I get no response from this one, I will remove you from all records.

Sorry for being a bit harsh, but it annoys me when people can’t be ***d to reply.

Best Wishes,


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