The way forward

We had a committee meeting this afternoon. That was Sandra and I.

It was decided that we are to combine the Wednesday Group with the Friday members and have just one bank account.

Since lock down we have been on the grass. Free and Easy.

I am to close the Monday bank account, which was for both Monday and Friday, and transfer the money to the Wednesday account.

Sandra, Janet and I will have access to the bank and money. However we will need additional persons too. So who else will volunteer. It’s a new requirement aparantly.

We decided to disband as a charity. However when I went to the council offices to sort a wreath. They were closed. But there was a notice up saying that some grant, up to 500 quid was available for the benefit of Killamarsh people.

I’ll go and find out more. However when it comes to writing things down, I’m as thick as pudding. This week I have 7 photos published in one magazine. I’m good at that but filling in forms does my head in. So if the grants are available I will need some help.

Also we need something to have a grant for. So I need suggestions. Going to the pub will not cut it Janet.

We will hold on to our charitable status for the time being as that is needed for grants.

Cheers Alan

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