Christmas Doo

However, for the past few years it’s been Christmas Don’t. The more astute of you will realise that I’ve been opening Christmas Crackers already. 🙂

We had a bit of a discussion last week and the outcome was that indecision is final.

Some are not coming this week some not next week, confused? Some didn’t hear what was said, so they are even more confused, or are they are the only ones who are not confused.

Reyt Then! There is a cafe at the centre, we can have a coffee and a bun there both this week and next week. That caters for everyone. Bearing in mind that we only get 8 members on Wednesdays at most, and some are away, it’s likeley to be over booked. 🙂

There is a possiblity that I may not be there on Wednesday 21st

Same goes for Friday Class



PS A coffee and bun is about £3

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