Tai Chi on Youtube

Hello, I’ve been asked about the Form on Youtube. For beginners please only watch Sheila Dickenson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbc2i7jMlUg . She is very good with her earlier videos . This is lesson 1 and when you have mastered this you can search for LFA Tai Chi lesson 2. Stick with these and don’t search generally for her as her later ones come up, while these early one do not. Sheila’s later ones are not as good as she cuts corners and doesn’t do good stances. However if you cannot folloe thses videao, you may wish to go to her Summer day sessions in Hull they are about £60 for around 4 hours. £3 for 2 hours of me moaning at you doesn’t seem so bad after all.

For experienced members, the ‘Sunny Sundays’ videos are very detailed. Too detailed for beginners as they teach nuances within each move.

Please do not simply look on Youtube as there is some real tripe on there. I would be embarrassed to have anything to do with them.

We follow Chee Soo as he was the master and before he died in 1996 he produced a book, it’s a bit difficult to follow but it’s our ‘Bible’ so to speak. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone by me saying ‘Bible’. They are about £17 – 20 new but I have some used ones which cost me £4, which are great for making notes on and stuffing in you bag to bring to the class. So let me know if you want one.

Best Wishes, Alan.

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