Back to Basics

Hello, while sitting out I observed several things.

1, Lack of etiquette. We should bow in as we enter the place of practice, and when leaving too. If anyone is late, they should not just walk in but wait for the leader to bow to them. They then bow back and enter. Also, if anyone wants to sit down they shoud bow out, then bow in again when ready to continue.

2, Ballet dancing. As the form went on up the numbers, the numer of toes going down was proportionate. First rule is that heels go down. There is a medical reason for that.

3, Egg and Spoon Race. I’ve added my sketch that I send to new members. Some, if not all the Dragon stances looked like the start of an egg and spoon race with 99% of the weight on the front foot while the rear foot had the heel off the ground. Most members had their heel down, but “if the cap fits, wear it”.

4, Tight Rope Walking, this increased commensubly to the numers in the form too.

These are all day one elements.

Cheers Alan

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