A message from H. G.

Hello I had a message from Howard Gibbon today, I thought it worth passing on

Hi Alan, The mind is a powerful thing. If we believe something, it often truly does come to pass. Take author Charles Dickens. He always slept facing North, because he believed it improved his writing. Did it? No, facing North doesn’t help someone write better. But if Dickens truly believed it helped, then it DID help – because of the power of the mind. If you believe something helps, it will. It’s the placebo effect. You can see this in sports as players have their superstitions, such as wearing their “lucky socks” for a big game. Of course the socks aren’t actually lucky. However, it “works” because the player believes it works. I often joke with new students when they buy their first Tai Chi training suit that their ‘Tai Chi will improve no end’. And you know what, it usually does. Because they now feel more integrated, a proper member of the class. I know when I put my training suit on and step in front of my class I become the master I am supposed to be. Outside in my normal clothes I am Howard again. And my wife is back in charge again now, sad but true. Howard
Message from Howard
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