Government guidelines

Hi, As from Monday we are not allowed groups of more than 6, so if more members attend, we will have to split up. Looking at the reasons for this is quite obvious. Many people are ignoring the rules, particularly when they have had a few pints and want to ‘pick up a bird’, as we have seen with the 2 England footballers. For my son’s birthday we had fish and chips in our garden, 6 of us. You can phone the chippy and pick them up using contact-less. During the few moments that I was in there a cocky bloke came in, no mask, no gloves, so I pointed to one of the many signs saying that masks had to be worn, to which I was informed that this whole affair is ‘fake’. He’s never wore a mask and he is OK. It’s the few that spoil it and spread it.

We will remain sensible and benefit from Tai Chi. Namaste, Alan.

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