Class of no more than 6 people

I’m writing this as Boris speaks. We are going to be more serious about when we come to a class. Most of you let me know when you cannot attend and I thank you for that. We have some members who come in the rain and are very keen, I like that commitment yet we have some members who don’t contact me at all and come every now and again. Boris was very forthright in his statement and those who break the rules will be fined, so I need to know who is coming and who is not. If more than 6 attend we have to split and have one class in a different area from the other. Is this clear?

So to protect myself from prosecution, I need to know who is coming on what day with 24 hours notice. Then if there is more than 6 I will let you know and someone will have to volunteer to take a class. Is that clear?

Namaste, Alan

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