New rules and toilets

Hi Alan,

It was lovely to be out in the sun doing Tai chi again, after missing a couple of sessions.  I think it did my back some good, although I daren’t do too much just yet.

Thank you for the advice about the psoas muscle. I’ve looked up some information about it and found some exercises I can do that might help.

Hope to be there Friday,

Namaste, 🙏


Ann also mentioned that to use the toilets, you have to sign in for test and trace and that they are not open to the public, which, as non-payers, that means us. There were only 3 of us yesterday and Ann went home early, so Nina and I practiced the Sword Form. I could only remember up to 42, then it became a bit grey, which shows if you don’t use it you lose it. My excuse is that we have been concentrating on the stick form and yesterday we nailed moves 60 to 70, which I haven’t done for about 8 years. These moves are so easy that there is a tendency to put more moves in them

Namaste, Alan

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