An email from Howard

“Here is a really useful tip from my own experience and practise. In my early days as I was learning the Tai Chi Form after practising what I had learnt so far for 10 to 15 minutes I would do this. Taking the first four moves of the form, I would practise these for at least 10 minutes, often longer, referring to my notes and instructions. Focusing on the detail of the moves, I would do this for four or five days until I was happy with the results. Then I moved on to the next four moves. I would work my way through the form I had learnt and then start back at the beginning i.e. moves 1 to 4. Repeating this process. Any new moves I was taught I would practise for 10 to 15 minutes for at least seven days before adding them to this process. In this way I practised the whole Tai Chi form I had learnt and also focused on improving the quality. This paid off because I became known for my expertise in the form and gained the respect and admiration of my fellow students and instructors. Eventually I was considered the foremost authority of the Lee Style Tai Chi Form. Many thought I possessed a natural talent for the Tai Chi form. What I possessed was a love of Tai Chi Form practise and the way it made me feel, relaxed and calm and better able to deal with my day whatever came my way. Daily practise i.e. a little and often outshines a blast of practise once in a blue moon every time. Have you practised today? Go on then, you know it makes sense. Kind Regards Howard”
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