Facebook Tai Chi

Hello, thanks for your replies and suggestions. First let me say the you have to be my ‘friend’ to join in as I am only selecting ‘friends’ to watch. When I say friends, it is Killamarsh Tai Chi members only IE. those who have ‘Joined us’ as those of you are the only ones I am having on my account. ( Which is only about half of the ones who used to come indoors and I no longer communicate with) So I will communicate via our website as I am doing now, and not by FB as I don’t trust it. Also I don’t want any Tom Dick and Harry watching.

It is still ‘too soon’ to do videos on my account as “I need more friends”. So be my friend if you want to join in https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057402877894 . I think the link will get to me, have a try.

Namaste Alan

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