From Elayne

Hi Alan,
As the winter sets in grey days can be off putting to get outside.
Over my 35 years of rambling in all seasons I have found it always looks worse looking out from inside than when you are actually out there.
Yesterday I walked paths locally that I have never done, our neighborhood is full of suprises. 
I would urge people, only if they are interested to purchase a local  map and just explore, it’s amazing where you can end up. 
On my last walk only over Wales area I was rewarded with a murmuration. Perhaps a few hundred but it was amazing.
The colours are beautiful as well, particularly moss valley. Ridgeway over to Troway there is some great walking. 

I will miss you all and feel for anyone who can’t get out, I am so lucky that my joy comes from rambling.   Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are together again, take care. Elayne

Murmuration? Is that what you had that day with the Growing Pine? LOL Alan

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