3.55pm Today for 4pm – Please read carefully

Hello, It seems that FB has changed since I did the online vids before. It lets me read comments, and tells me the number of viewers, but not who they are. When we go ‘live’ it is only the Tai Chi group that receives it, however as the video remains on my ‘page’ (or whatever it’s called) I think that anyone can see it afterwards. Therefore I am going to keep deleting them.

Please understand what I am going to do as I don’t want to have to keep answering individual emails, although I love to hear from you. You can always ring me for a chat on 07763 553306.

I am going to set the live video ON 5 minutes prior to the start time, so that you can say ‘Hi’ then I know who is watching. If you join in AFTER the start time DO NOT SAY HI, otherwise I get the loud donging. If you join in after we have started, please tell me at the end.

We are getting 5 or 6 watching ‘live’ but afterwards the number goes up, 23 by this morning, same yesterday.

One of our members tells me that there is a Zoom class that costs £10 per hour to view, ours is free. However I don’t want to go ‘free’ to everyone who are not members, they will not do it right for a start, but if they wish to join they can do for free.

If any of you wish to watch later than when ‘live’ just let me know and I will leave it on. I’m thinking of our wonderful friends at the NHS.

I hope that this is clear

Lastly, if the weather is going to be nice, I will adjust the timing so we can capitalise on the limited ‘vitamin D’ we have this time of year. Plus I’m not going to stick to Monday Wednesday and Friday, it will be ‘most days’ but I will let you know for 75 minutes or 60 minutes if we start at 4pm for the ‘early tea makers’.

Namaste, Alan

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