Live classes

There seems to be a bit of confusion, so here’s what’s happening. I’m ‘penciling in’ Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 1.40pm. However if it is a sunny day, I will alter it to 3.55 pm and give notice.

If it’s an awful day on Tuesday or Thursday, I could do a session and will let you know if I do.

Joining in, now you will notice that the times are 5 minutes early. When I go live you will get a notification top right on you FB page, a bell or similar, here you will find that I have gone live.

FB has changed since we did it early in the year, Thankfully we don’t get the deafening ‘dongs’, however I do not get a notification if anyone is watching unless you say ‘Hi’ to me. This is why I am starting 5 minutes earlier, to get all this out of the way first. Also I get more viewing than notify me, so if I don’t know you are there I can’t do stuff to suit you can I?

For some reason we are getting very few joining in.

Stick form, here is a screen shot of move 71, note that it is 1.09 minutes in, for those who would like to help me move on.

Namaste Alan

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