Wednesday Class

Great class this afternoon Alan, it was lovely to be outside on such a beautiful day. It was good to do lower numbers in the form, stick and dance, jog the old memory.
Namaste Jo.

Yes Jo, one of the most enjoyable classes that we have ever had. I never expected my glasses steaming up because I was so warm, which was annoying because the low sun was illuminating them. It was not until walking up the hill afterwards that I realised we had been going non stop for a hour and 40 minutes, but the old saying goes that time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Blue sky, sun and snow, what wonderful conditions.

Anyway it seems like we ended the year on a high as we are moving in to tier 4. Such a pity that not many turned up. I’ll do an indoor class Friday if anyone wants one.

Happy New Year fron Alan and Mr. Merryweather.

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