Andrew Asked

Hi Alan   This was timely. I’ve been looking at some of the Chinese masters practising the many different versions of Qi Gong and a little Tai Chi. Very beautiful, but a couple of questions arose.   Yesterday I happened on a Qi Gong – and one move the guy did (Chinese) was a quite vigorous head roll. I remembered what you said and out of curiosity did a couple of very gentle head rolls. It really doesn’t feel good.   The lesson, I think, is that while we have a lot to learn from the whole Chinese tradition, can also be informed by our more modern understanding of physiology – something I’ve seen you do in practice during our sessions.   The other thing is the parallel feet. I’ve noticed that when the stance is narrower they all keep feet parallel. However, when the stance is wider – for instance in a wide riding horse, the feet are angled out a little. What’s your take on this?   Thanks again for all you’re doing – Andy

Without seeing them Andrew I can’t really comment, however, there is only so far out one can go in riding horse without having to tilt the feet off the floor.   Plus the extra force upon the medial meniscus when keeping the fee planted.   Just down to simply trigonometry and vectors I suppose.   Turning the feet out will enable one to get lower down and in fighting the centre of gravity needs to be as low as possible.   We have to remember that what we do is take the health bit out of what is a prelude to Kung Fu.   Cheers   Alan  

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