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Hi Alan, Tesco doesn’t want you to know this: The supermarket giant is still doing deals with companies that are torching precious forests. [1] Vast areas of the Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal are slashed and burned each year. With land then cleared to make way for grazing cattle, or soya for animal feed. As the UK’s biggest supermarket seller of industrial meat, and a huge buyer of soya, Tesco is making big profits from products linked to forest destruction. With such huge buying power, Tesco could be a leader in stripping deforestation from supply chains. But instead Tesco bosses are burying their heads in the sand.  Alan — we’re about to launch a new phase of our campaign pressuring Tesco and other corporations to take deforestation off our dinner plates. Can you chip in to scale up this work?
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Industrial-scale meat production is the biggest cause of deforestation globally, and a serious threat to our climate. [2] In the Amazon, in the South American Pantanal, and around the world, ecosystems teeming with wildlife are trashed to clear space to farm livestock and grow animal feed.   It’s happening mind-blowingly fast. In the Pantanal alone, almost half the Indigenous territories were burned last summer. [3] And while people’s homes and wildlife habitats go up in flames, global food giants are making millions as a result of this rampant destruction. By buying meat linked to these companies, big brands like Tesco are driving the devastation. Here’s how we can stop them: by working together, we can create a campaign that’s impossible to ignore.  Together, we’ll pressure Tesco and other companies to cut forest destruction from their supply chains. Can you chip in a few pounds monthly to fund this work and give the campaign the best chance of winning?
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After thousands of Tesco customers spoke out last year, the supermarket giant shockingly responded by trying to wash its hands with the issue. Launching ads on social media, Tesco posted misleading claims about being on course to hit their target of zero deforestation for soy animal feed. [4] While Tesco bosses might think they can hide behind complicated supply chains and loopholes, we need to show them we won’t let them.  So let’s make it happen: If you’re able to, please support the campaign to stop Tesco and other big brands fuelling the fires in the Amazon and the Pantanal >> donate today. Thank you so much, Anna JonesForest Campaigner, Greenpeace UK NOTES1. UK supermarkets linked to 2020’s record-breaking fires in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands2. Seven reasons why meat is bad for the environment3. Fires raze nearly half of Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Pantanal4. Tesco’s deforestation claims are misleading the public 
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